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Hello, thanks for being curious about my blog. Here you’ll find:

What I Feel Right Now:

Let me begin with telling you a secret — I can’t believe my own blog is up and running and I finally get to move my writing career to a new level. Amazing isn’t it? It took me a life to figure out what’s the one thing I most care about, and this is just the beginning of a long bumpy road of yet another business life, of a road to happiness, and of a road to meaning.

A Little Bit of my Background:

Believe me, the need for a meaning in life is nothing you can mess with. I went to college just to find out that I’ll end up doing a set of meaningless chores if I follow the steps of a devout college student. You do the exact things other people tell you to do, you let them shape what you think and lock your mind on some crazy stereotypes, and you hope that they’ll let you have a life and career in future. This is nonsense.

Yeah, true I got a masters degree, but do I want to be like some other degree-holders, raving about my petty accomplishments and building a damn imaginary fence around my respected self? NO, sir. Thank you — I’ve had enough of it (no offence though, I said “some” degree-holders, and we all know what I’m trying to get across here).

I did something different. I started to catch up on what I had lost in life, nudged some of my already blunt talents, and stopped letting people sell their one-size-fits-all lifestyles to me.

I started my writing career because I cared about it. And after a while I thought “why, I can start a blog about living a business life.” This is maybe my greatest move to show my respect for my values of being useful and original.

What You’ll See on the Blog and Why:

I don’t know how it looks like but my blog is meant to be about:

  • how to thrive in business
  • and how to live a good life while thriving in business.

I’m excited about the topic I’ve chosen cause I know that it makes a big difference; it creates meaning in people’s lives.

See, a business (or career) is not merely a thing you do for a living. It forms who you are and how you see the world. You get lost in a business and you’ll lose sight of how a pleasant life looks like. You lose your grasp on your business and you’ll start to feel pushed back in life. You keep a good portion of the two and you’ll start to feel meaningful joy.

Let’s take this one thing seriously and share what we know about the topic.

Thanks for taking the time, and don’t forget to let me know what you think about my blog.

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