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May 12, 2021

How to Advertise Your Dropshipping Business on Social Media

Dropshipping and social media

Many entrepreneurs are diving into Dropshipping these days. One of the major challenges is knowing how to advertise dropshipping. The competition is stiff, so it means that you need to increase traffic to your e-commerce store.

It is important to note that social media is one of the easiest ways to advertise your dropshipping business. Most of your target audience spend several hours on social media every day. The question is, “what strategies can you use?” In this post, we will discuss different strategies that you can use to advertise your e-commerce business.

Helpful strategies to market your dropshipping business on social media

A successful dropshipping business is a combination of several factors one of which happens to be leveraging on social media. 

Here are some helpful strategies that you can employ on social media to promote your dropshipping business:

Consistency with posting

Do you want to grow your followership on social media? The best way to do this is to put up posts consistently. With this, you will attract loads of traffic to your social media handles and consequently, your website. 

You should note that you must research your target audience first before you begin to post. Consistent posting of content that is not valuable to your target audience will yield poor results. This is why you have to test your audience with different kinds of content. You should also check when your audience views your posts the most.

The results of this research will determine how frequently you should post per day. However, according to research, you should put up about 2 posts on Facebook and 4 posts on Twitter daily. Ensure that you focus on the timing of each post as it contributes to how many engagements you get.

Automate social media posts

Automating your social media posts is very important if you are going to post consistently. Don’t forget that social media sites are crawling with thousands of influencers and brands. As such, if your posts don’t go up when they are expected to, they will get lost in traffic.

You are not always going to be available to put up posts as and when due. This is why you need to automate your posts. Several apps can help you achieve this feat easily and most of them are free or very free. 

Social media automation tools help you achieve your social media aim faster. You can draw up a social media content plan and schedule the posts as you wish. While some folks prefer to schedule posts daily, others prefer to do it weekly. It is even possible to schedule posts for the whole month. Do this and you can focus your efforts on some other tasks while monitoring your progress.

Make use of images for your posts

We cannot discuss how to advertise dropshipping via social media without mentioning images. When you make use of images while posting, you make the post more appealing. Images will also help you to increase the number of engagements you get per post.

As much as you can, make use of original images for your posts. You must make use of high-quality images as well. When using images to advertise your products, make sure that the images are not misleading.

Text alone on posts is very boring. With images, you can capture the attention of your audience for longer periods. Just so you know, there is so much content on social media to keep your audience moving. So you can guess that they will move on once your posts don’t captivate them.

By the way, you shouldn’t make use of just any pictures. Make sure that the pictures are attractive and interesting. Using such images will attract more traffic to your site.

Make use of easy-to-read content

Like we stated earlier, there is so much content online that people don’t have time to waste reading. They want to get to the juice of your message as quickly as they can. Once the content is too long, they move on without skimming through the first few lines.

When this happens, you have just wasted your advertising effort. As much as you can, put up micro-content. By micro-content, we mean content that can be digested within a few seconds. If the content has to be longer, you should probably split it into two or more posts.

Encourage reviews and testimonials

Prospects are more likely to build interest in your products with positive product reviews. Want to know how to advertise dropshipping efficiently on social media? Encourage your existing customers to drop positive reviews on your social media sites after each purchase.

There are several social review apps that you can also make use of for free. You can link these apps to your dropshipping sites like Shopify. Many people have testified that there is a better chance of making a purchase when they read reviews.

Product reviews come with several advantages to your business. Asides from helping to convince prospects to patronize your store, it also helps you make less effort advertising your products. The reviews speak for themselves.

Run engaging campaigns

Have you heard of Facebook viral marketing? What about Twitter viral marketing? It is impossible to discuss how to advertise dropshipping without mentioning engaging campaigns that lead to virality. 

Putting up posts consistently is not enough to drive traffic. Many times, you need to engage your customers and prospects in discussions to build your followership.

An example of such campaigns is running a question and answer session on Twitter. Such a campaign helps to build your community. You can run such campaigns weekly so that you don’t seem overbearing to your audience.

Before running such campaigns, you should inform your audience ahead of time. This way, they can prepare for it. If it is a question and answer session, then they can get their questions ready beforehand. Make sure that you run such campaigns to lead traffic to your store in the end.

Collaborate with influencers in your niche

Advertising your dropshipping business may not be so easy but with the help of influencers, you can achieve your aim. The playground of influencers is social media so they are conversant with the terrain. They also have lots of followers among whom may be your target audience.

Their followers trust their opinion so when they approve your products, you should get patronage. This is why many companies appoint influencers as brand ambassadors. 

Different social media sites have different influencers. As such, you need to be sure of which social media sites your target audience makes use of the most. When you do, then you can decide on an influencer on that platform to help promote your products.

You should also check the individual’s profile page to draw information and see if they match your needs. Some of the statistics you should check for include audience demographics, location, social stats, etc. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you now know how to advertise dropshipping using social media. In this post, we have described certain helpful strategies that you can employ. What other strategies do you know? Share them with us in the comments section.

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